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Reishi Mushroom 30g

Reishi Mushroom 30g

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Reishi Mushroom Health Benefits:

Immune-Strengthening: Helps to regulate and support the immune system

Antibacterial: Fights against bacterial infections

Anti-Inflammatory: Reduces inflammation and relieves aching muscles

Anti-Aging: Contains antioxidants which act as free radical scavengers

Neuroregenerative: Can enhance memory, focus, and concentration

Adaptogenic: Helps to lower cortisol and support the adrenals

Allergy Alleviator: Naturally inhibits the release of histamine

Liver Support: Supports the functioning of the liver

Fights Fatigue: Provides a near instant boost of energy

Meditation Aid: Is believed to create feelings of calm and peace

Lower Blood Pressure: Triterpenes may lower blood pressure

Safe to Use: No severe reported side effects. Do mot use if pregnant or nursing.


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