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Bison Ridge Farms

Bison Tallow Balm

Bison Tallow Balm

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Whipped bison tallow balm is a great moisturizer with many benefits for your skin. 

Our tallow balm is hand made in small batches and includes only pure, natural ingredients; rendered bison tallow, extra virgin olive oil and essential oils(in some). It's great for those with sensitive skin, eczema and for children and babies. Choose one of our lightly scented balms or the natural scent of the bison tallow itself. 

Bison tallow naturally contains vitamins A, D, E, K, and B12. These will all be absorbed into your skin when using this moisturizer and are proven to be beneficial to the health and appearance of your skin. 

For extreme dry spots or cracking use the tallow balm multiple times a day for approximately 3-5 days or until the area clears up. Continue using daily to maintain health of the area. 

Store tallow at room temperature. If your balm comes in an order with frozen products make sure to let it warm up to room temperature for best results. 

We currently offer the following scents:

Natural: the natural scent of the bison tallow which essentially has no smell. This is ideal for use on babies. 

Orange Sandalwood: A hint of citrus with a mix of woods or leather(depending who you ask *wink*). 

Peppermint: This tallow balm can be used for both moisturizing and medicinal purposes. The peppermint essential oil alone has been used to relieve headaches and relief in congestion. Simply rub some peppermint tallow on your temple to help release the pressure of a headache or on your chest to help relieve congestion . *Keep away from eyes as it may cause irritation*  



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