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Bison Sausage

Bison Sausage

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These sausages are 100% bison meat, approximately 1lb each and come in the following options: 


  • Summer Sausage: Fully cooked, perfect for pic nics! 
    • Ingredients: Bison, water, oat flour, salt, spices, mustard seed, sodium nitrate, sodium phosphate, dextrose, paprika, smoke *Gluten free*
  • Farmer: fully cooked and ready to eat cold or warmed.
    • Ingredients: Bison, water, oat flour, salt, sugar, sodium nitrate, sodium phosphate, smoke *Gluten Free*
  • Honey Garlic Stick: Fully cooked, ready to eat. 
    • Ingredients: Bison, water, dextrose, honey, wheat starch, soy, soy lecithin, salt, spice, buttermilk powder, soy beans, wheat, flavor, garlic, sodium phosphate, sodium nitrate, tricalcium phosphate, smoke

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