Our Story

Hello! Thanks for stopping in and choosing to support our small business!

My name is Brooklynn Niessen, the owner of Prairie Made. Prairie Made is home to now 50+ small shops and known to have the best ice cream in town! 

I opened Prairie Made in June 2021 after quitting my full time job, I wasn't sure what my next step was going to be, I focused mainly on my jewelry business which I also still do to this day, hosting pop up events and such. Something I enjoyed was doing famers markets and there hasn't been a market in Blaine Lake in a couple years, that's what I started with was hosting markets every Friday in town.

Then one day I thought I am going to go inquire about a building in town, I didn't tell anybody, this was something I was going to figure out on my own. I ended up taking the building and went home telling everything "I did a thing". This was the most exciting yet terrifying moments of my life! But we did it we opened Prairie Made within the first 6 days of having the keys! 

I cant wait to see us grow though the years & how much joy we can bring to this small town I call home !